John Rickhard Wallentine Lenngren or L.B.J (Little Big John)



John Rickhard Wallentine Lenngren or L.B.J (Little Big John) to his friends here at Pattaya DivingandFishingdiving. Well done mate completing Open water, Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Response, Rescue Diver, Deep Diver and Wreck Diver.

Legend. Cheers L.B.J see you in December mate

Arterial Gas Embolism – AGE

If you hold your breath and surface, you can damage your lungs and an AGE will result. This causes gas bubbles from the lungs to enter the blood stream by way of a burst alveoli. The bubbles can block blood flow to critical parts of the body, usually the brain or heart. This is one of the more common ways divers die, and why the most important rule in scuba diving is to “never hold your breath”.

Boat Refurbishment 2012

In June we sent the company boat for a well earned and overdue visit to the local dry-dock for a complete overhaul and major refurbishment. As part of the ongoing improvements this evolving company is striving to make, the following work was successfully carried out and completed:-

  • Installation of a new Hino 6000 cc Engine ‘EK100 / 315hp’
  • A complete modification of the back diving platform & access ladder
  • Full clean of the hull including de-fouling
  • Complete strip of existing paint
  • Fully resealed and epoxy filled
  • Removal and rebuild of the first aid room and wheel house with marine grade materials
  • Replacement and relocation of the anchor winch
  • Addition of a new galley for serving meals and refreshments
  • Fully re-modeled engine room and the addition of a state of the art silencing system
  • Complete re-engineering of the gearing, shaft and propeller
  • Addition of more seating and cylinder storage to the wet deck area
  • Introduction of two fresh water showers
  • Addition of a GPS, Sonar & fish finding system
  • Fully repainted and sign written
  • Renovation of the existing weather canopy
  • Increased deck space area

The benefits of these improvements are that we can now offer a higher level of customer comfort and safety to and from location, vastly quicker than previously.

We look forward to seeing you at Scuba Dawgs Pattaya in the near future.