Scuba Dawgs Pattaya Dive Center (Pattaya, Thailand) is a fully accredited PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) dive center offering a wide range of PADI recreational & professional courses.



About Pattaya Diving

The northern gulf of Thailand offers divable conditions all year round so you can still visit coral reefs and wreck sites here when all other dive locations in Thailand close for the monsoon season.

The Weather is always warm and sunny even when we it rains and the water temperature very rarely drops below 30c. Visibility conditions can vary at different times of the year, being so high up in the Thai Gulf the Islands here don’t receive a full tidal exchange to make for crystal clear waters daily, that said though, on a good day the visibility is good and you can find as good a selection of interesting aquatic and coral life here as anywhere else diving in Thailand.

Pattaya Diving Sites

Diving Pattaya offers lots of different diving oppurtunities from relaxing coral bay dives, deep coral drift dives and as we are located in the wreck diving capital of Thailand, plentiful wreck diving.

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What Can I See Diving Pattaya?

Regular Aquatic sightings whilst diving Pattaya include: Hawkbill Turtles, Greenback Turtles, Skunk/Saddleback Clown fish, Angel fish, Bat Fish, White/Red Eyed Moray Eels, Octopus, Seahorses, Pipe Fish, Box/Puffer Fish, Sting Rays, Barracuda to name a few.

Down on the wrecks the marine life is attracted by these artifical reefs incl Giant Gregorian Sea Fans, Barrel Sponges, Sting Rays, Grouper, Sweetlips, King Mackeral, Trevelly, Barracuda & Giant Porcupine Puffer Fish.

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Our Dive Boat – Reel Hooker

The ‘Reel Hooker’ is the most stable and safest dive boat operating out of Pattaya. With a maximum speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 10 knots. The ‘Reel Hooker’ is an 18 metre converted deep sea fishing trawler with a broad beam of 5 metres which makes it an ideal dive boat, being wider than most mono hull boats. The ‘Reel Hooker’ is full equipped with a GPS naviagtion system, depth finder, emergency oxygen kit and accomodates a maximum of 20 divers.