Pattaya Dive Sites

With over 20 main dive sites to choose from such as the ‘Suddhadib’ (Hardeep) Wreck and the excellent coral sites such as Ko Klung Badan. Pattaya & the Samaesan dive sites have so much to offer divers of all abilities such as drift, coral, deep & wreck.

All the coral dive sites we visit are excellent if you are looking to learn to dive. The main coral sites that we visit every other day are shallow & sheltered making it ideal for ‘discover scuba’ or taking your ‘open water diving course'..

Our dive trips are led by either a certified PADI Divemaster or Instructor our fun diving groups size is always get small (4 max) unless it’s a private group who all wish to dive together.

The dive locations we visit have excellent coral reefs; we also have great wreck diving at the near & far islands which have three purposely sunk World War II landing ships, our most famous wreck The Hardeep which was a cargo vessel sunk by the British RAF during WWII is found over on the Samae San dive sites that we visit regularly.

For non-divers we have snorkelling trips while the others are scuba diving at the same sites during the divers surface interval (around lunch time) we move the boat into the nearest cove making it is possible in most cases to swim over to the beach.

Pattaya Coral Dive Sites

Koh Krok

Description: Koh Krok is one of the nearest islands and dive sites to Pattaya. This is one of the best places in Pattaya to do a drift dive. With depths from shallow to 18 meters it is a perfect site for any level of diver. Koh krock is the one site in Pattaya where you have the best chance to see a sea turtle, as well as loads of sea fans, brain coral, porcupine fish, sting rays and more.

Marine Life: Clown fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays,large angel fish, gobies, and moray eels

Depth: Shallow – 18 Meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral
Koh Sak

Description: Koh Sak is one of the most beautiful islands gracing the waters around Pattaya. With 2 dive sites and a shallow sheltered bay between them it boasts some of the best shallow coral dives around. Depths Range from 3 meters all the way to 18 meters at secret garden. You will find an abundance of marine life and fascinating coral heads. Koh Sak is a must see for any diver traveling to the area.

Marine Life: Parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays, angel fish

Depth: 3 – 18 Meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral
Koh Man Wichai

Description: Koh Man Wichai is one of the Pattaya Far islands. About a 90-minute ride on our beautiful 18-meter dive boat, you will find depths for all levels of divers down to about 22 meters. Shallow corals offer a wide spectrum of colors and variety in both coral formations and aquatic life. If you are lucky you can spot the resident Trigger fish who will go hide in his home when he spots you. There is also a spectacular wall that runs down to about 12 meters on the south side of the island. Koh Man Wichai is one of our favorite dive sites out of all the islands.

Marine Life: Clown fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays, large angel fish, small sand sharks.

Depth: Shallow – 22 Meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral
Koh Rin

Description: Koh Rin is probably the nicest place to dive out of all of the Pattaya islands. With 3 main sites, Koh Rin South Rock, Koh Rin Main and Koh Rin North Rock. All 3 sites range from shallow to 22 meters in depth, so it is a great dive for any level of diver. You will find a variety of sea life and coral formations at Koh Rin.

Marine Life: Clown fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays,large angel fish, turtles

Depth: Shallow – 22 Meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral

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Koh Larn

Description: Koh Larn, or the big island as we call it, has many interesting dive sites and local attractions. Hat nuan is probably the most popular site. There are several vertical concrete cylinders submerged in the area that make home for a wide variety of sea life. Depth for this dive is from snorkelling to 12 meters. Shark point is also a popular dive site at Koh Larn. With depths up to 18 meters it’s a great place to look for small nurse sharks sleeping under coral heads in the daytime.

Marine Life: Clown fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays, large angel fish, turtles

Depth: Snorkelling – 12 Meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral
Koh Hu Chang

Description: This small Island can produce some of the best diving Pattaya has to offer for beginners and the DSD diver. Although it is only a small Island it attracts some great fish. Our dive customers have seen some very large groups of yellow tailed fusiliers at this site. Small blue spotted rays and puffer fish are to be found under coral heads, so it is well worth taking a look under coral and large overhangs on this site.

Marine Life: Clown fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted rays, large angel fish, small sand sharks

Depth: Snorkelling – 10 Meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral
Koh Chuang

Description: Koh Chuang Koh Chuang, dive site lies just under 1 hour by our dive boat from the harbour of Samae San. There is one small cove at the back of the Island where it has been said there are the occasional Leopard Shark and Spotted Eagle Ray I myself have never seen them here. The site is excellent for soft antipatharia coral, whip corals and Anemone Corals. (Visibility 5-15 metres). As well as all this there are always pairs of Angel fish for you keen fish finders, I have also seen a seahorse on this site in about 15 metres of water.

Marine Life: Rabbit fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays, large angel fish and sea Goldie.

Depth: 10 – 20 meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral
Koh Klung Badan

Description: Koh Klung Badan, Dive Site is a shallow dive spot with many staghorn and numerous other coral heads . The gently sloping reef has multiple coral heads housing invertebrates, crustaceans and Christmas tree worms. In the northwest the reef becomes a relatively shallow it consist mainly of rocks and barrel sponges. These barrel sponges again shelter small crustaceans and invertebrates. Koh Klung Badan lies half a mile south of Koh Chang. The conditions of the currents here are generally weak to moderate, particularly during when northerly winds blow in the low season.

Marine Life: Half and half wrasse, surgeon-fish, parrot fish, yellow-tail fusilier, blue spotted stingrays, large angel fish, small sand sharks

Depth: 6 – 12 meters
Bottom Composition: Sand and Coral

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Hardeep Wreck (Suthathip)

For any one scuba diving Pattaya or Thailand this shipwreck is a must. The original name for the Hardeep was Suthathip. The vessel was Thai, being used by the Japanese. The Suthathip was sunk by RAF (Royal air force) on the 1st of May 1942 at 12:55pm. The ship lies in about 26 meters water. The depth to the top of the wreck is about 16 meters. This makes diving the Hardeep on nitrox very suitable.

Ship specifics: 3 cylinder steam engine (105.5 horse power). The length of the ship is 68.11 meter, beam 10.84 meter, height 5.43 meter. The size is 802.97 ton net. Registration date 12 July 1940 , registration number 447 port Bangkok Siam Steam Navigation Company HP 900, BRT 1.311, TDW 955

HTMS Khram

The Thai Navy sank this ship especially for people like us that just love shipwreck diving and for a safe haven for the many species and varietys of marine life that we enjoy here in Pattaya City Thailand. It was sunk 300 meters off the island of Kho Phai in about 30 meters of sea water in Febuary 2003.

The United States gave this ship (Former USS LSM-469) renamed HMS KHRAM to the Thai navy on the 25 May 1962. The ship, dilapidated beyond repair, had been in use for more than 60 years. The decommissioning of H.T.M.S KHRAM was a navy project to mark His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn’s 50th birthday.

Holes have been cut into the deck of the wreck and wonderful swimthrough’s are safe and possible with the right training. The Crows nest makes for a great circle up at the end of the dive. The top of the crows nest lies in about 13 meters of sea water surrounded by thriving sea life.

FORMER US NAVY VESSEL USS LSM-469: Laid down (date unknown) at Brown Shipbuilding Co., Houston, TX. Launched (date unknown) Commissioned USS LSM-469, 17 March 1945 , LT. Lee S. Barton, USNR in command During and after World War II LSM-469 was assigned to the Asiatic-Pacific Theater Decommissioned, 29 August 1946, at Astoria, OR. Laid up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet, Columbia River Group, Astoria Struck from the Naval Register (date unknown) Transferred, 25 May 1962, to Thailand, named HTMS Khramto (L-732) Decommissioned (date unknown) Final Disposition, sunk as an artificial reef, 1 February 2003, at Pattaya, Thailand

Specifications: Displacement 520 t.(light), 743 t.(landing) 1,095 t.(fully loaded) Length 203′ 6″ Beam 34′ 6″ Draft light, 3′ 6″ forward, 7′ 8″ aft, fully loaded, 6′ 4″ forward, 8′ 3″ aft Speed 13.2kts, (max.), (928 tons displacement) Complement 5 officers, 54 enlisted Armament one single bow mounted 40mm gun, four single 20mm gun mounts Vehicle/Boat Capacity 5 medium or 3 heavy tanks, or 6 LVT’s, or 9 DUKW’s Troop Accommodations 2 officers, 46 enlisted Armor 10-lb. STS splinter shield to gun mounts, pilot house and conning station Propulsion two Fairbanks Morse (model 38D81/8X10, reversible with hydraulic clutch) diesels. Direct drive with 1,440 BHP each @ 720rpm, twin screws Endurance 4,900 miles @ 12kts.(928 tons displacement)


THAI NAVY VESSEL 731 HTMS Kut (Former USS LSM-333) (Nr Koh Sak, Pattaya Bay) Depth to the top of the wreck 10m; depth to the sea bed=30m; visibility 5-15m; Best choice of gas is Nitrox 36 Location North12,57.1 East100,48.1

This ship has been well prepared by the Thai Navy as a dive site,and sank 10:30am 17 September 2006, it’s free from armaments, oil and most hazards to divers. Large holes have been cut in many areas and penetration dives through the ships passageways rarely takes the diver out of natural light. Care should be taken with a few of the rooms though, as big steel watertight doors are still fitted and may be locked easily with the unsuspected diver still inside.

Steamship Petchaburi Bremen

Details of the sinking: While under way with a shipment of rice, she ran ashore and sank at an Island near Pattaya Thailand. An engine room fire and explosion finished her off.

Ships Specifications and Historical Records: Built at:- Georg Seebeck AG shipyard, Bremerhaven, Germany. Yard Number:- 173 Tonnage : 2191 gross tonnage Length : 88,5 m Breadth : 11,9 m Draught :7,3mEngine : 3-times expansion-steam engine Power : 1150 Hp, Speed : 12,5 nm/h, Crew : 34 24.09.l901 : Launching under the name PETCHBURI for the company North German Lloyd in Bremen.28.10.1901 : Delivery to the North German Lloyd August 1914 : At the beginning of World War I the PETCHBURI was interned in Bangkok.27.07.1917 : Confiscated by the Thais. New name: KAEO

The Dive Details: The wreck lies in about 24 meters of seawater in a channel where she has been used for target practice by the Thai Navy and is very broken up. Strong tides and low visibility make it a dive that needs to be well planned out in advance. Current GPS WGS84 Position in Chong Khram Channel at E100’48.852″ N12’40.092″